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Allies & Partnerships

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There is a huge community around the world who are contributing elements of healing to this beautiful planet we are walking on. Below we have listed organizational partnerships, healers, centers, artists and authors that are working in alignment with the vision we have at Tree of Light Retreats.

Alianza Arkana


Alianza Arkana is a grassroots alliance regenerating the Peruvian Amazon by supporting its indigenous people and their traditions.

Tree of Light Retreats proudly supports this wonderful Organization by donating 5% of the profits from each retreat to their many positive projects and initiatives in Shipibo Communities.

Auriana Joy: The Holistic Explorer


My role as your mentor is to embolden you to go out into the world and allow your light to shine in the most authentic, unapologetic way possible. I create a unique experience for each of my clients by combining my 10 years of personal experience deconstructing the old world values of our society and designing a new world in a way that feels inspiring, empowering, and enlivening to the soul.



Reviveolution is a movement of wisdom-keepers, leaders, and global visionaries dedicated to indigenous wisdom for the modern world.

Women's Visionary Congress


The Women’s Visionary Congress (WVC) is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization that presents cutting edge information about investigations into non-ordinary forms of consciousness, the right to self-knowledge, cognitive liberty, and new modes of healing that link us to female wisdom keepers and traditional users of plant medicines throughout history.

Sacred Valley Sounds


Sacred Valley Sounds is an eco-designed adobe recording and production studio in the beautiful and powerful Sacred Valley of Peru. Focusing on conscious, indigenous and medicine music it is a growing portal of positive new music to inspire and awaken the heart, mind, and spirit.

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Culture of Love

Spiritual Retreats and Workshops in the USA & Peru focused on healthy living, sacred meals and integration retreats.

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