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Ayahuasca Retreats

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Our Ayahuasca Retreat Location in Costa Rica

We feel very blessed to share our Ayahuasca retreats in the lush tropical mountains of Costa Rica's Southern Pacific Zone. There is a very special energy held in this land and we have found it to be a perfect location for doing profound healing work with Ayahuasca. This gentle forest filled with pristine waterfalls, exotic birds, butterflies, and monkeys facilitates an opportunity for deep self reflection and connection to the vibrancy of nature. Our healers who were traditionally trained in Peru, truly carry the energy of Amazonian plant spirits with them, creating a potent and beautiful balance.

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Our retreat location provides a very welcoming and comfortable experience set among beautiful jungle filled views with fresh, coastal mountain breezes. There are modern, private accommodations hosting flush toilets, hot showers, and filtered drinking water.  There is a large swimming pool overlloking the setting sun, plenty spaces to relax and integrate in, a ceremonial/yoga space, private balconies overlooking the jungle, and a wide variety of exotic birds and animals to see daily.

Why Retreat in Costa Rica?

In 2019, after our 7 plus years of living and training alongside traditional Indigenous healers of the Peruvian Amazon, we felt a deep call to the beautiful and gentle energies of Costa Rica. With the combination of beaches, mountains, clean rivers, waterfalls, jungles and a deep seeded care and respect for the environment, Costa Rica is leading the world in a number of inspiring environmental protection and sustainability practices. These include running the entire country on 98.1% sustainable energy since 2016 and planning to be completely carbon neutral by 2021. On top of this, Costa Rica is one of the longest running and most stable democracies in the Americas, which having dissolved it's military expenditures in 1949, has since allocated this budget towards health care, high quality education and environmental protection.

Due to large-scale reforestation efforts, Costa Rica is now abundant with wildlife and pristine nature. It sets a powerful living example of Mother Nature's great capacity to regrow and regenerate huge amounts of natural habitats and diverse ecosystems in less than one generation. We feel so grateful to be able to share our medicine work in a place like this, where the dynamic between people and nature feels truly balanced and tangibly harmonious. This harmony is easily felt here, and as the climate is also perfect for growing the many medicinal plants we work with from the Amazon, including Ayahuasca, we are very excited by the great potential we are exploring of sustainably sharing the ancient and powerful healing of the plants together in this fertile new soil.

We have chosen the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica to host our Ayahuasca Retreats for it's natural beauty, it's progressing, forward-thinking community, and its easy access via well maintained paved roads. For those joining us who choose to spend time in the area before or after one of our retreats, you will be delighted to find an abundance of quiet beaches to explore, breathtaking nature walks, fresh flowing waterfalls to bathe in, as well as a wide selection of healthy restaurants, places to stay, and adventure to be had. It is also close to some of the countries most prized destinations like the Whales Tail nearby in Uvita, Manuel Antonio National Park, and the stunning Nauyaca Waterfall, as well as world famous surf beaches.

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