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A Sacred Space for Women

We happily create Ayahuasca Retreats throughout the year to facilitate a safe and supported space for both men and women to experience this healing journey together.  Also, it remains deep in our hearts to hold true to our original vision of creating a safe space for women to experience the profound benefits of traditional Ayahuasca work. 


The continual feedback from women who have joined us in our retreats is how deep they were able to go in such a safe and loving space. 

Divine feminine

Ayahuasca is a divine sacred feminine Spirit. This is medicine for our spirits, and it has arisen in popularity out of a great spiritual hunger that is surging throughout our world today. We need to acknowledge that change needs to happen, and a large part of that change needs to happen inside of us. For many of us looking around the world we are living in, discussing change can feel like an impossible feat, but taking responsibility for our own lives and our own healing is a great contribution to our humanity. This is where the medicine Ayahuasca can serve as an incredible tool for this inner journey.








Coming back into Balance

Much of the destruction we see around us on the planet today is due to the imbalance we see in the world. Many elders and medicine people understand that on a global scale so much has been lost through suppressing the feminine, the voice of women, for far too long. Grandmothers have been calling women to rise up and remember the mysteries and magic that lives inside the womb. Not only for ourselves, but for each other. Right now women are playing a very important role restoring what has been lost, as we dream together in a more peaceful way.

We do this healing work in a circle of women with the prayer that the healing ripples to women across the globe. And that we are able to walk in balance again.

We truly need to help one another on this road. To remind each other when we feel weak, that strength lives inside of us. We are definitely stronger united. When one steps into a women’s retreat, there is a commitment made towards our own journey forward.  When we do this, We give other women permission to do the same. We remember that we do this work not just for ourselves but for our planet. Deep love can move mountains.


Power Dynamics

Women only spaces can disable power dynamics that often play out whether conscious or unconscious in the world where gender has played a very defining role. It also gives all women present the chance to sit with a masterful healer Grandmother who has devoted her life to humanity and its healing. For women who have experienced abuse from a male, whether it be physical or sexual, women only spaces can allow the women attending to not be triggered by having a male shaman present as they experience medicine and the need to be vulnerable. We value masculine energy, as much as we value feminine energy. And we are very clear that we honor the masculine and feminine as equal and sacred. However This practice of retreat is about creating balance in ourselves through the ancient practice of women gathering to do their work, just as men did in traditional societies as well.

The loving feminine nurturing energy that comes through in women’s only circles can only be experienced directly. The ceremonies are a womb where we can all go deep and transform ourselves. Ayahuasca is an ancient Grandmother giving us teachings to become more authentic, real, and compassionate human beings.

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