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Tree of Light Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreats

Healer to Participant Ratio/

Intimate Ayahuasca Retreats

Due to the personal nature of this work, we create intimate spaces with small groups of a maximum of 9 participants per retreat. It's important to us that when people arrive into the space we've created that they feel truly safe and supported. We have found from our experience that when the groups size becomes too large that many people, with varying degrees of trauma, can find it difficult to access the level of trust and vulnerability that is necessary to reach their deepest healing.

We work with two experienced facilitators/traditionally trained healers who carry years of experience in supporting people both inside and outside of ceremony. Pedro and Carolina have been sharing this medicine through their facilitation


and healing work together for many years and have dedicated much of the past 7 years to deeply supporting people in their healing. The dynamic of their work together is often reflected back from participants as holding a strong archetype of divine masculine and feminine interwoven together with deep respect and sincerity.

Their attunement and awareness to individual and collective energies present in each ceremony combined with their technical training as healers allows them to navigate and manage strong energies and support deep transformative processes. Outside of ceremony, keeping our groups to an intimate number of people ensures that there is plenty of time for us to sit one-on-one with people to process their experiences and offer guidance.

It's important to us that nobody leaves our retreats feeling that they didn't receive a high level of care. 

Typically our groups leave feeling as though they have developed life long bonds within a new soul-family.

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