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Icaros - Traditional Ayahuasca healing songs

Icaros are ancient songs from the spirit world. Shipibo and other traditional healers will receive these songs usually during a plant dieta that traditionally involves partaking in ayahuasca and other healing master plants. It is through plant dietas that students of these lineages gain the knowledge and skill to become actual healers.


Every time they diet a plant they receive the wisdom and medicine of this specific plant, which they can use to heal specific illnesses and ailments in people. The more one dedicates themselves to the process of dieta, the deeper the connection becomes.

Dietas usually include long periods of fasting and isolation. When they do eat it is a strict diet limited in salt, sugars, spices and oils.

Icaros are considered to be direct transmissions from non-physical living energies. They are spirits not just songs, used to heal, take out illness, clear energies, untie knots in the mental or physical body that is creating imbalance.

Some icaros are passed down through the family lineage, however most traditional healers or curanderos will sing songs they have personally received from the plants in their own dietas.

During an ayahuasca ceremony with a shipibo or other traditionally trained healer, they will call on the plant spirits of their dietas, and will channel the healing energetic properties of the plants through these icaros.

There are specific icaros for various things. Icaros to remove blocks, bring balance to the emotional body, for healing, icaros for protection, icaros for connecting you with your life path, etc.

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