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Ayahuasca Retreats

Ayahuasca Integration & Long-lasting Impacts


In our retreats we open with 2 ceremonies in a row and then space them out to every other night for a total of 5 ceremonies in 10 nights. We have found that this creates an opportunity for integration to be woven into the experience during the retreat. This is not to say that integration back into your life at home will not come with its challenges.


Time and time again we watch people leave us after 11 days like new beings. Parts of you actually do die, those parts that are not in your highest interest. Many people receive direct guidance about their careers and relationships that require big changes, and change is always painful in one way or another.

11 days flies by in our normal everyday life. So when you return home to your family and friends that have been going about their normal routine, it can feel awkward depending on your circumstances and how supportive of your journey and growth they are. We attract other people to ourselves as reflections.

You may find that after healing aspects of yourself, that there are relationships in your life that are now unhealthy for you to continue to invite in. Trust. Having the faith and courage to let go when necessary creates space for new and loving relationships to enter, even though there may be a sense of loneliness in the process.

“This too shall pass” Wise words to remember. When you are having a hard time usually you can't wait to get out of it, and when you feel amazing you wish everyday would stay that way and you cling to the elated sensations. Being unattached and in acceptance that this is the ebb and flow of our human existence can connect us to real happiness and contentment that emerges from finding presence within each moment and seeing the teachings and opportunities for growth no matter what life hands us.

Integrating this work is the real reason of why we drink Ayahuasca. Taking the guidance and information and applying it to our lives outside of ceremony is where the real benefits of the medicine work reveal themselves. It is fair to mention here that you shouldn't take every vision or message literally. Sometimes it can be a challenge to discern which messages are coming from our ego and our minds, and which ones are coming from the plants. Speaking with your facilitator will help you to process and ground your experiences.

Ayahuasca has a very real potential to create long lasting impacts in the lives of those choosing to step onto this path. We carry so many beautiful stories in our hearts of witnessing true healing throughout the years of supporting people on their journeys. The biggest gift you can give to yourself, your loved ones, and to this world is to take responsibility for your own healing.

Following the retreat these are some recommendations for helping your integration process:


- Continue with eating healthy -

One of the greatest gifts of Ayahuasca is how she physically purges and cleans our bodies. Most people leave the retreat feeling clear and realigned mentally, emotionally, and physically. If you make the choice to leave and immediately change that vibration by eating unhealthy food or drinking alcohol, chances are you will feel quite heavy and possibly a bit sick. The integration period is a very important time that needs care and attention, just as your preparation, and ceremony time. We highly recommend you listen to your body, choose healthy natural foods, and not overeat. Many people turn to food as a way of trying to comfort themselves, which is actually just shoving down the emotions that need to be felt and expressed.

- Creating Space for yourself to integrate -

We realize that some people have a very limited about of time they are able to take off of work or be away from their families. If it is possible, we suggest you stay for how ever many days or weeks you can in the Sacred Valley. The energy of the mountains and slow pace of the way life is lived here is a perfect place to ground your Ayahuasca experience. If you are someone that has to return home right after the retreat, have a plan in place of how you can create space for yourself to not feel overwhelmed as you enter back into your routine. If you have children, maybe this means getting extra child care support. If you have a high pressure job and can't take anymore days off, maybe you can wake up early and meditate or take time at the end of the day for yourself.


- Continue with a daily practice -

Daily practice can be such a helpful way of integrating

back into your life after going through such deep

healing. It is not uncommon that people will tell us

that all of a sudden 2 weeks or a month after they

have returned home, all of the deep work they did

really begins to reveal itself. Again, this comes down

to taking responsibility for your own healing.


- Stay in touch -

Someone from our team will be available to correspond through e-mails and/or is available to Skype if you feel like you need support during your integration. The intimate nature of our groups create deep and lasting connections and you become a part of our family. We also will connect all participants of the group that wish to stay connected with each other. It can be so good to talk with someone that has gone through this same deep experience and can really relate and understand what you are going through.

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