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Remote Healing Sessions
Personalized healing transmissions to guide and support you on your path.

Over the course of more than 10 years of deep dedication to our path with Ayahuasca and traditional plant dietas, with countless ceremonies and facilitation of over 1000 people, we have witnessed over time how potent, supportive, and transformative our work can be, even outside of the traditional container of Plant Medicine ceremony.
So in the spirit of making our uniquely developed healing support available to more people, who may not have the opportunity to join us for the full spectrum of care we offer in our retreats, we are also happily offering remote (or in-person if you're lucky enough to be here in Costa Rica with us!) healing sessions which we have seen repeatedly can also have massively positive outcomes for people. These sessions can greatly assist people in navigating all sorts of difficulties faced upon their unique evolutionary soul journeys. From severe traumas, to grief of losing a loved one, to past life and ancestral clearings, accessing blocked emotions, relationship guidance individually and also with couples, to the roots of depression and anxiety, struggles with addictions, and ultimately to reawaken the remembrance of one’s true divine nature.
The experiences we have gained through the plant medicine work truly apply and have potency not only for those who have drank Ayahuasca, but for anyone willing to take that deep dive within themselves with the desire to access a healing experience that will help move energy and bring forth a more graceful flow in all aspects of one’s life.
During these times of such big changes in our world many are feeling a sense of separation and loneliness, so we especially are feeling called to make ourselves available for anyone who is needing support. Icaros (the living expression of songs received from the plants) are profound instruments of prayer that not only make shifts in energy and offer protection within ceremonies, but also within a focused healing space outside of ceremony and from a distance.

Who might benefit from a remote session?

  • Those who are integrating plant medicine work 

  • People suffering from depression or anxiety

  • People who are healing deep traumas

  • Students of plant medicine and dieteros/as

  • Anyone wishing to re-align physical, emotional, or spiritual imbalances

It is our desire to share all this experience in support of those ready to receive. To hold a safe and sacred space, without judgment to process and open up into expanded levels of perception and approaches to the places you may feel stuck and uncertain of how to navigate. We look forward to sharing in your journey of integration, healing, uncovering, and clearing. We wish nothing more than for you to walk away from your session feeling nurtured, seen, lighter in your energy, more positive in your thoughts, inspired, a clearer outlook, and with some tools to confidently apply to your current situation.
Each session will take place via video chat or audio if preferred (usually with Whatsapp) and go for up to 1.5 hours with a check in and consult about where things are at for you in the moment, with the opportunity to reflect and offer guidance. This is usually followed by opening space for a powerful personalized prayer and icaro. We will keep things fluid in the way we can be of the greatest support whether that be more time talking and offering council or more time singing icaros and doing energetic work etc.

The contribution for our sessions is $200 USD per session (around 1.5 hours)

Please send us an e-mail at with inquiries or to set up a session with either Carolina or Pedro

We look forward to supporting you!

*** Here's a link to a video of people who have worked with us sharing their experiences: Click here

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