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Tree of Light Retreats

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Creators of Tree of Light Retreats


Carolina, a former Registered Nurse with the UCLA Medical Center, has had a life-long commitment to the health and healing of others. Having previously explored many different modalities from conventional psychology, to breath work, yoga, hypnosis, etc.  In 2010 Carolina sat in her first Ayahuasca ceremony and felt a deep knowing after her profound experience that she had finally connected with the medicine and healing she had been seeking for many years.

Shortly thereafter she moved to Peru to fully immerse herself in working with the medicine for 2 years as she healed some very deep traumas from her past. With such deep gratitude for all she received from Ayahuasca and the Shipibo healers, she felt a calling to support others in their healing journey with the medicine.


Carolina began her training as a facilitator and worked at an Ayahuasca retreat center in the Peruvian jungle for two years. During this time she guided hundreds of people through their medicine journeys and gained very deep insight and wisdom into the healing capacity of Ayahuasca and other medicinal plants.

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In 2014 Carolina and Pedro moved to the Sacred Valley as they prepared to welcome their daughter to this world. After going through the rite of passage into Motherhood, she founded Tree of Light Retreats in 2015.

Carolina has dedicated her life to Ayahuasca and has been deeply committed to spending many months each year in traditional dieta. She feels deep gratitude and humility to carry such a potent medicine at the foundation of her work and continues to build upon it each year as she refines and strengthens her healing powers.


Pedro first began working with Ayahuasca in the Peruvian jungle in 2012, and feeling he had found his greatest teacher in the medicine, remained in the Amazon jungle for the following years, learning the arts of healing and facilitation at a large Ayahuasca center and furthering his connection to the Shipibo culture through “plant dieta” and the creation of music projects with the native healers.

In this time he witnessed and supported many others on their healing journeys and deeply experienced the transformational work that Ayahuasca makes possible.

Through his own in-depth healing processes Pedro has gained invaluable first hand experience into the alchemical nature of physical, energetic and emotional healing, and continues to expand his potential to serve and support others as a long time student of this ancient lineage.


Pedro is currently based in Costa Rica with his family and continues to study these ancient healing practices through regular dietas with Noya Rao and other Master Plants. He feels truly honored to walk this path of service alongside his beautiful partner and to share this incredible healing tradition, safely and lovingly with the world.

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