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Tree of Light Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreats

Plant Dieta in the Shipibo Tradition

The amazon is full of medicinal plants, and the process of

Dieta is one of the oldest traditions that are connected with

the brew of Ayahuasca. Our healers at Tree of Light

Retreats have trained with a very special lineage (the Mahua family) who are the sole carriers of Noya Rao (the tree of light).

Noya Rao is a very rare tree in the Amazon of which the

whereabouts of only a few are known.  This tree works on

the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, as its great

source of light illuminates, healing at the deepest levels we

have experienced. Having witnessed it's ability to truly access

and transform our shadows at their roots, we have dedicated

our medicine path to working with this family and studying

under their powerful lineage.

Each year we offer seven 9 day retreats in which participants have the opportunity to diet either Noya Rao or Bobinsana.


Bobinsana is one of the most harmonious plant energies to

combine with Noya Rao. This plant is known for its capability for opening the heart and accessing the emotions.

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A rare photo of Noya Rao

With the complex demands that many people face in the world these days, it is very common that the emotional body does not receive proper attention. For this reason Bobinsana is often recommended as a first dieta to help us open up our suppressed emotions and connect more deeply to our hearts innate wisdom.

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Dieta is the traditional way the students of these ancient healing arts become healers. It is also one of the most effective ways in treating various disease and illness.

Carolina and Pedro have both embarked on long journeys to become who they are today through the process of Dieta. 

The Icaros they sing in ceremony are often received during their time in Dieta and these songs become a living transmission of the healing energy of the plant or tree they are dieting.

Dieta is a deeper way of working with the medicine Ayahuasca.

It involves the discipline and offering to fast from certain foods. A companion plant is taken alongside the Ayahuasca throughout a series of ceremonies.

During the first Ayahuasca ceremony in a traditional dieta the healer/teacher will open the dieta by opening up your energy body and connecting you to the energy of a specific plant teacher of which they themselves carry a strong, existing connection.  You will also drink a preparation of this plant to further deepen the connection. The food diet during this time is  simple. There may be short periods of fasting so that less energies are present in the way of food and digestion which may interfere with the receiving of the subtle energies of Dieta. One is in a very open and vulnerable place in dieta and many people find that they become highly sensitive and intuitive during this period of time.

Dieta is an incredible practice in itself and provides an amazing way to connect with the spirits of the plants. It also serves as a very powerful remedy for various ailments. Through the process of dieta the body often times will come back into alignment and various illnesses will begin to heal and correct themselves.

Depending on the plant or tree you are dieting, the food and lifestyle restrictions may consist of no salt, sugar, spice, alcohol, pork, nor sex for the duration of the dieta.  After the “Dieta is closed”, you may eat flavored food again, however there may be a follow-up post Dieta which consists of no pork, alcohol or drugs, sex, and other plant medicines for a certain time period. Normally for a following 2 week peiod. We also recommend abstaining from pork for 1 month following the Dieta, or forever if you can.

Dieta is a way of deepening your relationship with the plants. By opening this connection it is likely that you will reach deeper layers or see things from a different perspective than when working with Ayahuasca alone. It is for the more serious seeker and for those who already have a relationship existing with the medicine. It is a beautiful commitment to yourself and your path. If you are a healer or are on a healing or meditative path, Dieta is a wonderful way to take it to the next level. To cleanse yourself of any energies you may have picked up along the way and to go deeper. It also allows you to be in relationship with the other benevolent plant beings. In this form of indigenous shamanism, the plants have a spirit. When you diet, you are dieting this plant spirit and welcoming the benevolent and healing properties into your body on a physical, emotional and mental level. These plants will remain with you and grow into potentially life long allies.

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