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April 11-21 Noya Rao Dieta - Only 2 spots left!

We're really excited to be welcoming back Shipiba Maestra Juanita to the Sacred Valley for our upcoming April 11-21st men and women's ayahuasca retreat and traditional plant dieta with Noya Rao (The Tree of Light/Flying Tree). Noya Rao is a very rare and potent tree to learn from and it's pure light is carried in the lineage of Maestra Juanitas family. There are currently 2 spots remaining for those interested in doing deep healing work in the Shipibo tradition. We promise a very safe and well held container with 2 highly experienced and loving facilitators and a very powerful and integral Grandmother curandera.

Any questions you may have are always welcome :)

#Shipibomaestra #ayahuascaretreatsperu #Noyaraodieta

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