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Exciting changes at Tree of Light!!!

Hi Everyone,

We hope this finds you all well. We have an announcement to share which has been birthing little by little through the evolution and progression of what Tree of light Retreats offers as our beautiful team grows.

Over the last several years of offering Women’s Ayahuasca Retreats we have witnessed the deep value and healing benefits for women to come together into a safe circle for deep transformation. As the years have passed, we have also gained deeper perspectives of how to create the most profound healing and safest environment we can offer to all those that come to work with us.

Carolina and Pedro are a husband and wife team and the creators of Tree of Light Retreats. They met in the jungle in 2012 and have been working side by side with the medicine ever since. They also have a beautiful daughter that completes their loving family. They know in their hearts that the retreats they lead together hold a very special and unique quality. For this reason Pedro and Carolina have come to

the very considered decision to open up all groups to both men and women under their care and the care of their female Shipiba Maestra Juanita.

Many women have chosen to come to a women’s retreat because in some form or another they hold a mistrust or discomfort with masculine energy. Whether they don’t feel respected by men, have been or

have a fear of being taken advantage of, or are coming to heal histories of sexual or physical abuse.

Tree of Light Retreats has and will always honor this with a lot of care and respect, with the awareness that this is a very deep wound existing on our planet.

Pedro is an inspiring example of healed and integrated masculine energy, with a gentle awareness, deep respect for women and the traumas they have experienced, and strength in a way that empowers you to be safely guided to your own power as a woman through the balanced representation of both divine masculine and divine feminine. He is a very wise and experienced facilitator and has beautiful insights into the medicine and guiding people through their healing journey. Pedro has also been studying/training in the Shipibo tradition for many years. His ikaros are gentle yet powerful in the same moment. There have been several women who have suffered from abuse, and it has been Pedro singing for them that has brought about some of their biggest and deepest healing.

The space that is held by Carolina and Pedro inside and outside of ceremony represents a beautiful balance, as we recognize that each of us has a masculine and feminine side, and we feel that through

honoring and nurturing these two complimentary sides that we can achieve the deepest and most complete state of wholeness within this balance.

In addition, we have felt the deep call to also integrate the two other members of our team into every group. Richy and Gigi united into a beautiful partnership after meeting through Ayahuasca work in

2016. Since then, they have been dedicated to their work with the medicine and progressing on their paths through traditional plant dietas as well as learning from other integrative modalities.

Gigi has been co-facilitating alongside Carolina in the Women’s Retreats since 2016 and has been working with Ayahuasca since 2008. She has been guided to create very special offerings, held with

deep intention and prayer, that have become a real highlight for the participants in our groups. She brings a beautiful, loving, and nurturing energy into all that she does and is a very special and valued sister, friend, and member of our team.

Richy began his journey with Ayahuasca in 2013. Through his own personal transformation and growth with the medicine and dedication to traditional plant dietas, he felt a deep call into the studies of

integration. He graduated from Sonoma State University where he studied psychology, dream work, and somatic awareness. All of these influences have come together to create a well rounded body of

work which has become of great value to our guests integrating the deep medicine work which we offer.

We are very excited to announce that Richy and Gigi will be joining us at different points of each retreat to share their beautiful gifts and offerings with the participants. They will also be offering a 3 day extension program after each retreat that will incorporate integration tools and ongoing support as you emerge from your deep healing journey with Ayahuasca. This will also include a visit to the sacred

sites Moray and Maras. We hope to make this option available after our first group of 2019!! Stay tuned for more details to come.

These changes to our retreats have brought a beautiful and expansive new energy to our work which has deeply inspired all of us. Each one of us carries a very special medicine and we feel confident that by bringing our full team together we can offer you the highest expression of our evolution, reflecting in an even higher level of support, care, and transformation available to all of our guests.

For all of the beautiful women out there. We want you to know that your healing and safety will always be held in the highest regards under our care. And for all of the men out there, we look forward to creating more opportunities for you to join us throughout the year in this balanced and harmonious space.

With all of this said…. We invite you to check out our 2019 schedule HERE and we look forward to sharing this profound journey with you all.

With deep love and many blessings,

The team at Tree of Light Retreats

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