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Offerings from Tree of Light Retreats 2019

Hi everyone,

We know the word is starting to spread and so some of you may already know this. For others it will come as news. Pedro and I have officially stepped forward and are working independently of our Shipibo teachers. We have been working closely with the medicine and traditional plant dieta in the Shipibo lineage for the past 7 plus years, and for the past 4 plus years have been working alongside our current teachers as a healing team. During this time we have also ran countless ceremonies and various groups and dietas independently with great success and an equally positive level of feedback to those which were ran with our maestra.

Over the past year it became increasingly apparent to us that there were some unhealed aspects we have continued to see across the spectrum of healers we have worked with that resulted in behaviors that we can no longer abide by in order to maintain the level of integrity that is central to our work. As unfortunate as this is for us to witness, we know in our hearts that we made many efforts to hold the space for genuine healing around these shadows, but have ultimately decided to part ways as we hold this compassion from a distance.

We make this very important and considered decision as a genuine way of creating a healing space that we know is safe, integral, and pure for all those who choose to work with us.

We will always hold this tradition in deep gratitude and we feel blessed to be part of this potent lineage and to hold the level of training and experience through dieta that we carry. We move forward with confidence that we can support very deep, sensitive, and challenging healing processes adeptly with great care, strength, and compassion through our icaros without sacrificing any of the quality that our reputation has been built on.

We want to say thank you to this last group that was with us during this important transition. We love you all so much!

We would also like to thank everyone for putting your continued trust in us as healers, facilitators and friends who are here to help guide you on your healing path, as people who have ourselves walked this path for many years.

Please view the top of the homepage of our website to see the new video we have created with a number of different people attesting to the strong level of healing work and the unique space we provide for deep healing.

With our sincere love and blessings,

Carolina and Pedro

Tree of Light Retreats

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