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Shadow work & Ayahuasca


When we talk about our shadows we are referring to the less desirable aspects of ourselves that everyone faces. The behaviors that we find shameful, the secret thoughts and internal dialog that we hide from the outside world.

These very aspects of us which we may have shunned, neglected, denied or repressed because we did not previously have the tools to address them with, almost certainly hold important keys to our own liberation and healing. Just as an object can stand between us and our light, so can the recognition of it open up our potential to understand and transform it, ultimately dissolving the very block itself and reconnecting us to forgotten aspects of our own light and consciousness. 

If light is information, consciousness or awareness, then the shadow is but the absence of light. The unconscious. As we work with the powerful light of Ayahuasca, it is common that dark corners of our psyche can be illuminated. The opportunity to recognise these under-acknowledged parts of ourselves is often where the deepest healing begins. This can go quite deep for people and can look different to each of us as individuals who come from different situations, backgrounds, and carry different wounds. Often it was not always a conscious decision that was made to ignore these aspects of ourselves. Strong traumas that we have suffered from can all have consistent and genuine influence on us on a daily basis. Whether physical, emotional or sexual. Whether something happened to us during adulthood, adolescence, childhood, birth or beyond to our generational traumas or perhaps deep soul or collective traumas, all of it has the potential to burdon us and effect us in ways we may not even be consciously aware of. 

Recognising and acknowledging these parts of ourselves is like welcoming them back to the light of our awareness. Back home to our wholeness. Any part of us that has been hurt, neglected, betrayed, deceived etc has suffered and may have, in its own way, lost its faith in the goodness of people and humanity, and of itself. It's own forgotten divine nature. When we meet our shadows from an empowered place, with all of the care and compassion, understanding and patience, and genuine love that they deserve yet have not entirely received, our own light and divine nature essentially allows the shadow to reintegrate back into it's own divinity as it is embraced and reminded of it's worthiness to be loved. Whether this means going back to offer safety to an inner child who is afraid, or forgiving our past deeds and imperfections, or that of others who have hurt us. Our perspective is that the pain we feel in ourselves is what enables us to hurt others, and that as we rise above our negative side, to meet our shadows with our many potential and innate positive virtues we can create true and lasting healing within ourselves and with those around us. 

Our promise, to all those who come to work with us, is to stand beside you, through your journey, without judgement, holding you in your truth and power and witnessing you in all of the potential you have transform and stand in the highest version of yourself.

Ayahuasca can be a very strong mirror.

She works in a way of bringing things up to the

surface, right in front of us. Giving us the

opportunity to face our shadows, traumas, regrets,

grief, and truly heal them. During retreat when you

find yourself in the thick of it, thinking you couldn't

possibly feel worse, this is actually the process of it

coming out. So much of the western mentality is

wanting a quick fix. Wanting to just feel better as

fast as possible. The journey is just as important

as the outcome. There are deep lessons learned in

the process of allowing ourselves to feel.

Our shadows are our gifts and our real teachers.

Having the courage to face them teaches you

about your strength in a way that empowers and

liberates you to live your life to its fullest potential.

When the shadows come to the surface in ceremony it can be our first reaction to want to turn our heads away from them and shew them away. It's part of this journey to have the willingness to meet them, and truly investigate what they are and the power they have over you. They have developed for one reason or another, and exploring them can reveal the core of where your healing needs to take place. For many people, that core goes back into our childhood, and our behaviors reflect the traumas we experienced often times before we can even remember. This work is not all about surrender though, at a certain point you have to choose to raise above the energies that hold you down.

Truly loving ourselves means loving and accepting all aspects of ourselves. Love is a powerful force, it shines light on the darkness inside and outside of us. Hating, judging, and living in frustration is a negative feedback loop. Ayahuasca helps bring us to a place where we can have the power to choose what we are going to feed within ourselves. We always have a choice to say “enough is enough!” This medicine is a tool and a teacher to help us find the strength to really choose to let go of what is no longer serving us.

This work is not for the faint of heart. We will be quite honest and say that part of medicine work and healing at this deep level, means passing through hard times. We share this medicine path with a deep understanding of this, as we too have faced our shadows, and now live in deep gratitude for the massive shifts we have witnessed inside of ourselves from finding the courage to do this work. We deeply respect and honor those willing to take such a deep look at themselves, as many people in this world don't have the willingness to do so.

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