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Tree of Light Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreats

Traditional Shipibo Medicine at the foundation of our work

Both Pedro and Carolina have spent extensive time living among, training under and working alongside various Shipibo lineages and teachers since 2012. Although they prefer to work independently of these teachers now, we deeply honor this system of dieta and its unparalleled connection to the plants which forms the foundation of their unique healing approach.

The Shipibo culture and their relationship with the plants are completely interwoven.

Traditional Shipibo healers spend many years dieting and apprenticing with plant medicines. Historically spending years in isolation dieting different plants, and are highly regarded as some of the most gifted healers on the planet, most especially within the Ayahuasca traditions.

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During traditional dieta, healers may receive living transmissions in the form of songs from the plants called “ikaros”. After many years of training and dedication to this ancient path, the connection to spirit, various allies, archetypal elements, and benevolent forces, develops deeply in the initiate. The healers ability to channel these positively charged, unseen forces, to the inner most wounds and shadows of the individual through these ikaros, can promote profound changes and illuminate life-changing realizations in the recipient.  They can help to heal people by removing blockages of stagnatnt and dark energies, illuminating unrecognized aspects of consciousness, and can profoundly realign and restore balance that reinvigorates the body, mind, and souls innate state of wellbeing.

Ayahuasca experienced facilitators Costa

Pedro and Carolina have completed many dietas over their years of service and self exploration and have received many of their own ikaros which transmit great amounts of light and positive energy as they do individual work on each person during every ceremony. Although they are Westerners, they truly carry this powerful lineage through their deep dedication to this time-honored healing practice.

This foundation of ancient and highly technical energetic work that they have learnt from their indigenous teachers is greatly augmented by their own unique blend of complimentary influences from a wide variety of cosmo-visions, such as Christ Consciousness teachings, Eastern mystical philosophies, and a loving connection to divine and angelic realms.

As we continue to evolve in our capacity to facilitate deeper levels of healing in our participants, each new step is made with the genuine intention create an ever safer, integral, and supportive space throughout the retreat inside and outside of ceremony.

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