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Ayahuasca Retreat Costa Rica

Travel Tips:


Your flight should be booked to San Jose (SJO) the Capital of Costa Rica. There are many cities in the world with the name San Jose so be sure to book to the right one (aka SJO Costa Rica).

We recommend to try and find a flight that arrives in San Jose either in the early morning of the day of the retreat or ideally the day before the retreat begins to avoid potential delays affecting your trip. Our designated pick up location is Hotel Brilla Sol. This hotel is a quiet place to land and rest which comfortably covers most of the basic needs travelers with gardens, a pool, restaurant, and massages available. The area right around the San Jose airport (Alajuela) also has a large modern mall called City Mall which hosts many stores and restaurants that meet western standards and borders the main town of Alajuela. although the town of Alajuela itself is generally quite safe and has a huge range of stores and restaurants, we do suggest that Brilla Sol and City Mall are very safe and comfortable to spend time, especially after dark. 

Brilla Sol pick up alajuela airport.jpg

When you arrive in San Jose Airport there will be taxi companies waiting to help you directly after you clear customs. These companies offer metered rates and are both safe and reliable to take you to our pick up Hotel or wherever else you may have planned to go. Taxi rates to our designated pick up location, Hotel Brilla Sol are about $10USD and the journey is about 15 minutes.


We recommend you arrive at least 1 day before the start of the retreat and stay the night at Hotel Brilla Sol. Our special group rate is $62.00 USD for a private single room with its own bathroom. A double room for 2 people costs $70 and includes its own bathroom, and a triple room for 3 people costs $80 and also has its own private bathroom. Once you have your flights booked, please contact them directly at to make your own reservation at this discounted rate.

After the retreat if possible, we suggest you stay for

however many days or weeks you can in the Dominical area. The energy of this area and its beaches, waterfalls and jungle hills and the slow paced way of life is a perfect place to ground your Ayahuasca experience.

If you are planning to arrange trips and activities in the

Dominical area before or after this retreat, there are many

recommended and trusted tour operators who can book and help you to organize trips to so many amazing places

this area has to offer.

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