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Tree of Light Retreats

Ayahuasca Retreats

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Support Throughout The Process

We intentionally limit the number of retreats we offer each year in order to create space to offer a high level of support to all those that step onto this journey with us. We are available both before and after the retreat to talk through Skype or e-mail exchange. We deeply care about each and every person that drinks medicine with us and are always happy to support however we can.

Intimate Ayahuasca Retreats

The people who join our retreats become family to us! We feel that keeping our retreats at a maximum of 11 participants allows for beautiful connections to be made and for each person to receive a high level of personalized care and attention both inside and outside of ceremony. It is an individual journey in many ways, but we all become connected in the process of doing deep healing work together. We like to have the time to connect and develop a relationship with each person that joins us.

A Safe Place for Women to work with Ayahuasca

Tree of Light Retreats was birthed from the vision to create a safe space for women to heal. Although through our evolution we now welcome and see great value in men and women coming together for healing, creating the opportunity for women to work with Ayahuasca in a safe and integral space remains very close to our hearts. Carolina and Pedro are in a deeply respectful and committed partnership which in itself holds a strong and positive archetype, which puts the utmost value on the creation of a safe and all-inclusive space for men and women to heal together. We are very experienced in supporting and healing cases of sexual abuse and other deep traumas in both men and women, and hold a high level of sensitivity to making sure the needs of each individual are met to feel safe.  


Why Tree of Light?


There are many options out there for working with Ayahuasca, and who you drink with can have a great impact on the experience and level of healing you receive. Tree of light Retreats was birthed out of a vision to create safe and sacred space for people to have the opportunity to work with strong and integral healers trained in the Shipibo tradition. We are very committed to sharing this medicine in the most sacred and integral way possible, and are deeply devoted to the foundation of this tradition and its incredible capacity for healing.

Trusted and Integral Healers trained in the Shipibo Tradition

With our great respect for the roots of the Ayahuasca traditions, we understand that people may have reservations about whether they can still receive the same level of healing from foreign, yet traditionally trained healers. We are happy to share that we work with two very skilled and integral healers. Both Pedro and Carolina have worked with over 30 different Shipibo healers during their years of study and medicine work and have undergone many traditional plant dietas and extensive training since 2012.  Both Pedro and Carolina have worked and trained alongside some of the most respected healers from the Shipibo tribe over these many years and are regarded and recognized by their teachers as powerful and well trained "curanderos" in their own right.


Honoring this incredible & diverse culture and the amazing healing arts that it has cultivated over countless generations, we also acknowledge that there are darker practices that are not at all aligned with our own values that we will not accept in any form. For this reason, we have made a considered decision to work independently, with complete confidence that we hold for our guests the same capacity for healing through our dedicated years of study.  Furthermore, having guided hundreds of people through this medicine work, our understanding of the many kinds of traumas that exist in the world, coupled with the technical and energetic healing qualities of our ikaros, and deep understanding of multiple, complementary healing modalities from around the world, makes the medicine we bring to our retreats very unique.

Highly Experienced Facilitators

As facilitators, Carolina and Pedro hold a very grounded and compassionate approach to the guidance they share as people face their healing journeys under their competent and empowering care. The experience they carry from both their own healing journeys as well as from having witnessed and shared in so many other peoples deep healing processes has grown them both into adept guides of powerful medicine work.  It is often shared that people have been able to go far beyond their previous experiences with Ayahuasca work and conventional Psycho-therapy under the care and support of Carolina and Pedro.  It takes a lot of courage to come and drink Ayahuasca, especially for those coming for the first time. Having support and people you trust can allow for a deeper process to take place. We love sharing this medicine and feel deeply honored to share in the transformational journeys of those that join us.

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