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Tree of Light Medicine Family - Prayer and Song Circles via Zoom

Hi everyone!! We are very excited to begin offering bi-monthly prayer circles via Zoom. These are times of great shifts and changes and we recognize the power of bringing people together to unite in prayer and align our hearts and intentions for the highest, most graceful and ideal path ahead for our personal and collective growth. Healing frequencies penetrate and move without any limits of distance or separation, as do the transmissions of icaros and their exponential capacity to liberate and facilitate healing within us. Join us, as we celebrate the remembrance of our truest light and greatest potential to manifest our reality as the limitless Creators that we are.

These will be 1.5 hour journeys of a combination of sharing guidance and inspiration, singing icaros, playing songs on the guitar, and prayers to lift all of our vibrations and the vibrations of the planet on a collective level.

It is not necessary for you to have drank Ayahuasca before or to have participated in ceremony with us to join. This is open to all those who wish to feel united into beautiful community, are needing or wishing to feel supported, want to shift the energy around them into a more positive frequency, are planning to work with us in the future, or have worked with us before and just miss us as we miss so many of you!!

If you have any questions or would like to express a specific intention you have before the journey please send us an e-mail to Please note that during the journey all microphones will be muted except for ours. We want to allow everyone the space to drop in deeply and receive the nurturing, loving energy.

We look forward to connecting with you all and sharing this sacred journey!

Click below to register for our next event.

To register your space with us and share in this beautiful group offering click here

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