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Ayahuasca Retreats

9 Day Ayahuasca Retreat & Plant Dieta in Costa Rica



We happily welcome you to come and experience Ayahuasca with two highly experienced facilitators/traditionally trained healers in the stunning natural beauty of Costa Rica's tropical South Pacific Coast. 

Experience 9 days of Ceremony and Traditional Plant Dieta creating an opportunity to explore new depths of healing, personal growth, and expansion of consciousness.  Join us as we lovingly hold the space for all parts of ourselves to be honored, heard, respected, and guided back to the light of it's own divinity, so we may walk in empowered wholeness.

  • Beach Trip
  • Visit to a waterfall
  • Jungle walks
  • Relax by the Pool
  • Deliciously prepared Vegetarian Meals
  • 4 Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Plant Dieta
  • Floral Baths
  • Full time support & facilitation
  • Group Sharing Circles
  • Integration Talks

Experience the healing capacity of plant wisdom, intimate community & powerful ceremony. Hosted at a private Eco lodge on lush land just a short trip away from beautiful waterfalls and quiet pristine beaches. This retreat is only for those who are interested in doing deep healing work. With compassionate facilitation and the support of two skilled and experienced healers, this retreat offers a unique and special opportunity to step deep into your journey. Our groups are limited to 9 participants to ensure a high standard of personal care and support.

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Please contact us via email  The first step in registering is to fill out the medical form under “booking”. Please also send us an email to let us know you have submitted your form.

We cannot accept your deposit until we’ve confirmed through dialogue your medical history, and any previous experience working with the medicine.  We are committed to offering the highest quality care to those attending. We believe in the tremendous healing available through this work, and look forward to discussing your personal needs one on one. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fill out our Medical Form here


Both Pedro and Carolina are traditionally trained healers in the Shipibo lineage of the Mahua family. They are highly regarded and well recognized as strong curanderos and carriers of Noya Rao by both their teachers and those who have received their work. Having worked alongside their teachers for many years as healers themselves, they confidently hold their retreats independently of their Shipibo teachers. For Carolina and Pedro, holding medicine work in a very high standard of integrity, safety, powerful healing, and with deep levels of respect and compassion are their guiding principles. They see each individual as a unique and divine being and are fully committed to offering the highest level of care for each participants growth, well-being and healing.

Learn more about our Healers

As facilitators, Carolina and Pedro have led hundreds of people through medicine work since 2012 and hold a very compassionate and empowering approach to supporting people on their unique journeys. Their experience holds deep insight from an expanded perspective to offer guidance in a way that empowers each person to navigate and truly participate in their own healing.

Traditionally Trained Ayahuasca Healers/Experienced Facilitators

Ayahuasca Ceremonies:

Our ceremonies are held in the traditional Shipibo way in the dark in our "Maloka" ceremonial space. There are 2 bathrooms easily accessible. Each participant has their own comfortable full-length cushioned mat with blankets and pillows provided. The Ayahuasca we serve is purely made from Ayahuasca vine and Chacruna leaf. Each person is carefully dosed to their individual needs. We respect that every person is different. During the ceremony Carolina and Pedro will be singing icaros and coming around to offer individualized healing work and attention. Our ceremonies are very well supported by us and our additional support person and help is always available.

Intimate Ceremonies

noya rao maestro integral shipibo traine

Traditional Plant Dieta

We offer traditional plant dietas with Noya Rao and Bobinsana. This ancient practice contains a profound body of

wisdom both for healing and learning and is the foundation of this tradition. The Spirits of these Master Plants are living embodiments of great healing potential and expanded consciousness that can support and guide us on our soul's journey.

If this is your first Dieta with us you will begin with Bobinsana. This is a beautiful feminine spirit that helps to open the heart and work on our emotional body. For those continuing their work with us, you will have the choice between Bobinsana and Noya Rao. This very rare and sacred Tree of Light is a bridge to the Divine World and can greatly accelerate our evolution by creating the opportunity to illuminate our shadows and deeply transform them.

Learn more about traditional plant dieta

Fresh Salad
Fresh healthy food:

When working with Plant Spirits it is ideal for our food diet to be kept very clean and simple. As we will be working with Tradition Plant Dieta as well as Ayahuasca, we will follow specific guidelines. Even though our diet will be free of oil, salt, spice, meat, and sugar, our chef's creativity ensures that each meal remains tasty, nourishing, and satisfying. All meals are Gluten and Dairy free.

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Our Location: Puntarenas, Costa Rica

We feel very blessed to host our retreats in the gentle, beautiful, and very comfortable jungle energy of Costa Rica. We bring the traditions of the Amazon jungles of Peru to these lush coastal mountains and have found it to be an energetically clear and powerful place to do deep work.

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Ayahuasca Retreat Schedule:

The first day we arrive at the center by lunch time followed by an Opening Circle. Please note. There will be Ceremony on the 1st night. We ask all participants to have prepared in advance by watching this 35 minute video of us sharing about our approach to medicine work. Watch Video


There will be ceremonies on the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th nights of the retreat. On ceremony days only breakfast and lunch will be served. There will be integration meetings to share our experiences, as well as one on one support from your facilitators whenever needed.



We are excited that you are considering joining us for a retreat in Costa Rica! We believe in holding intimate retreats to create the space for deep healing. There will be a maximum of 9 participants per group.


Preparation for working with Plant Medicines:

It is our recommendation for 2 weeks before you arrive, that you begin to follow an Ayahuasca diet. The nature of this retreat is to do very deep work and beginning the diet is part of your preparation and commitment to your journey.

  • Decrease caffeine and sugar

  • No drugs or alcohol

(please let us know if you are taking any pharmaceutical medications)

  • No pork or red meat

  • No dairy

  • Decrease your salt intake

  • Eat a simple diet without spicy foods or anything heavily fried

  • No sex (if you are in a committed partnership, 5 days minimum of abstinence before the retreat)

  • No fermented foods

  • Stop all herbal and natural supplements (please email us if you have specific questions).

  • Specific pharmaceutical medications will be addressed on an individual basis based on information received on your medical form.


Included in the retreat price will be a private shuttle service that will take you to and from the hotel meeting spot near the San Jose airport and the retreat center.

What to bring:

We are located in a tropical environment in the low lying mountains with warm weather during the days, and where we often times enjoy refreshing breezes and sometimes cooler nights:

  • A head-lamp with an option for RED light setting (very important for ceremony)

  • Sunscreen

  • Water bottle

  • Lighter

  • Bathing suit

  • Tank tops, shorts and cool, comfortable clothing

  • We recommend bringing a couple of light long sleeved shirts, light pants, and a light jacket

  • Although we are in a warm climate, Ayahuasca can make your body feel cooler, so it's good to have some layers for ceremonies.

  • Umbrella

  • Even though there are few mosquitos, natural insect repellent is recommended

  • Journal

  • Chapstick

  • We recommend you travel with Vitamin C and Probitoics to keep your immune system strong

  • Comfortable non-restrictive clothing for ceremonies (many people prefer to wear white or lighter colors but it's your personal decision)

  • Sun hat

  • Spiritual/educational books to read

  • Comfortable shoes for hiking if you want to explore the jungle trails

  • There will be laundry available.

  • Extra money: Carolina will offer her "Pusangas" plant perfumes and Pedro will offer his music and artwork for those that are interested. 

  • USD $30-$50 is a recommended gratuity to be divided amongst the beautiful people that make this retreat possible.

Please feel free to contact us for more details:
Carolina Whatsapp: +506 8556 0634

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